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The deployment of the new card “Agent” in the Interior Ministry requires the installation of an encoding system of these cards on each site. This encoding task is tedious for the end user it’s why ISLOG has interfaced its software to market access control systems which makes the transparent encoding task for the end user. […]


In partnership with ISIC France, we have designed and implemented an automated attendance management solution for educational institutions. The goal was to replace the roll call at the beginning of the course by student’s badging on wall readers placed at the entrance of the classrooms. These readers connected to the network via nano-computer on Linux transmits […]


Le secteur de l’aviation est pour ISLOG le plus représentatif du domaine du transport, c’est en effet dans ce domaine que pratiquement toutes nos solutions ont trouvées des applications. Notre outil de contrôle d’accès logique permet aux pilotes d’AIRLINAIR et de TRANSAVIA de s’identifier dans leur logiciel de planning  vol simplement avec leur carte d’accès. […]


La sécurité est une préoccupation de tous les instants pour les industriels qui se doivent d’écarter tous risques d’intrusion, de dégradation de l’outil de production et d’atteintes à la propriété intellectuelle ou aux personnes. En parallèle, le monde de la production requière chaque jour plus de transparence et pour ce faire plus de traçabilité. Les solutions  développées […]


Since 2006 many healthcare institutions have chosen our logical access control solutions and / or our encoding solutions to make life easier for their staff and respond to the unique needs of the sector in terms of confidentiality and traceability. Quelque-soit la technologie sans contact utilisée dans l’établissement (CPS3, HID, MIFARE Classic®, MIFARE® DESFire®, EM, […]

RFID Observatory

23 June

ISLOG presents RFID.ONL on STid stand at IFSEC London. First cards configuration creation plateform for access control readers. All through your web browser. RFID.ONL also encodes and personalizes access cards. WEB INTERFACE READER CONFIGURATION (STid Architect, HID Omnikey 5427 CK, neXus Cidron…) Customize your access control reader how you want it to behave and looks like. Define […]

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06 February

Security of industrial information systems, such as SCADA, ICS or GPAO, is a growing industrial challenge since the machine interconnectivity and the emergence of targeted attacks. These systems powerful in their profession, remains fragile. Their omnipresence in all industries such as production, food or energy has led states to consider this weakness as a national […]

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02 September

Easily encode RFID cards and NFC tags through your web browser or using your smartphone in a blink! Simply go to and start your secure MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 encoding right now. No installation required, any authorized workstation can become a card production unit in a few seconds. No delay; if you already have your […]

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