ISLOG presents RFID.ONL on STid stand at IFSEC London.
First cards configuration creation plateform for access control readers. All through your web browser.
RFID.ONL also encodes and personalizes access cards.

WEB INTERFACE READER CONFIGURATION (STid Architect, HID Omnikey 5427 CK, neXus Cidron…)
Customize your access control reader how you want it to behave and looks like. Define all options through a simple web interface.

Setup and produce your cards in a few clicks all from a simple web interface. No installation required, your phone can be use to create the configuration cards.

Subcontract the configuration on site by a technician.

Create cards without limitation and share personalization workload.

Create secure RFID and NFC tags in seconds. Simply select the chip technology (Mifare Classic, Mifare DESFire EV1, NFC Tag…  and encryption, key diversification…). You can even store your secrets on a SAM.

Web encoding

SCADA Systems: RFID Identification and Authentication

Security of industrial information systems, such as SCADA, ICS or GPAO, is a growing industrial challenge since the machine interconnectivity and the emergence of targeted attacks.

These systems powerful in their profession, remains fragile. Their omnipresence in all industries such as production, food or energy has led states to consider this weakness as a national security problem.
In France, it is translated into an evolution of the legal framework and the distribution of recommendations to various actors by the state (loi de programmation militaire 2014, industrial Systems Safety Guide by ANSSI…).

In general, the security of such systems depends on a global security strategy, a segmentation of the architecture and physical protection of the machines, but also and above all, by authenticating the users to the control rooms / management interfaces.

It is in this context that ISLOG provides a turnkey solution that adds (or replaces) user authentication with RFID badge to access local or remote monitoring stations, as well as identification and traceability of business operations.

RFID.ONL: Online RFID & NFC encoding

Easily encode RFID cards and NFC tags through your web browser or using your smartphone in a blink! Simply go to and start your secure MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 encoding right now.

No installation required, any authorized workstation can become a card production unit in a few seconds. No delay; if you already have your cards then you are ready. You can also directly create configuration card for your access control reader depending on its model (see compatible hardware on the home page and FAQ).

RFID.ONL registration is free until December 31, 2016.

Please feel free to contact us to upgrade your account as a reseller or to know more about web interface customization / integration.

RFID.ONL is fully based on ISLOG DataWriter card personalization solution, updated to version 2. An online service doesn’t suit you? You don’t want to use credits? Don’t worry, we also provide DataWriter server software that you can host yourself with associated web modules on your local company network.

Open Approach to Standardisation

The physical security industry has a long history of making do with proprietary systems. This has led to today’s challenges of dealing with incompatible legacy systems, wasted investments and great difficulties anticipating future security requirements. The Open Security Standard (OSS) Association strongly believes that the way forward, and the only way to guarantee on going compliancy, scalability and extended platform lifecycles, is to establish open industry standards.

ISLOG and other OSS Association members talk about it. Read the article.

ISLOG moves…Holidays… Coming back :)

ISLOG expands and moves its offices late September.

By then, ISLOG Team wishes you a sunny and relaxing summer.
We look forward to seeing you early September for the launch of the “V2.0 DataWriter” our encoding/printing RFID/NFC software.



ISLOG join OSS Standard Offline

ISLOG become a member of OSS Association to promote the offline contactless access card standard.

The general goals of the OSS-Association (Open Security Standards Association) are the development, communication and marketing of standardized protocols, components and encoding within the access control market and the associated security-related hardware and software.

The card personalization solution DataWriter is already compatible with OSS Standard Offline specification (formerly SOAA).

ISLOG, 10 years

October 2015, we are proud to share this event and to focus briefly on the unusual path of our company for its 10 years of activity.

ISLOG is born from the observation that RFID technologies could have major benefits as a bridge between physical and logical access control systems. Contactless cards were until then only used for physical access and time control, ISLOG Logon opened a new path to their use.

Year 2008, we developed another branch of our activity focused this time on card personalization and encoding in order to answer new security requirements. Data Encoder software was launched.

Throughout 7 years this tool was constantly improved to remain efficient and powered with new features. It is today our flagship product: DataWriter.

Years after years ISLOG knew a soft and constant growth, today we wish to continue on this path and consolidate our expert position as software editor on contactless technologies.

Only our philosophy doesn’t change: we want to preserve above all our reactivity, our objectivity and our independence to offer to our partners the best solutions to their needs.

Today, ISLOG decided to continue to expand its business and we defined the goal to increase our reputation and our international visibility. This will be done through investments, our commercial development and new partners.

Before closing this brief, we wish to thank our partners and suppliers, major market players who have trusted us and continue today to feed our desire to move forward.