RFID Suite: Omnikey 5×27 reader support

RFID Suite software (ReadCard, FindFormat, IDTransfer and DataWriter) was recently updated with new features.

HID Omnikey 5×27 readers (5127, 5427 CK) are officially supported and you can now use it to analyze, read and personalize your RFID tags using ISLOG software solutions.

Multi-technologies (HID iClass®, HID Prox®, SEOS, EM, MIFARE Classic®, MIFARE® DESFire® EV1, Plus, …) and multi-frequencies (13,56Mhz and 125Khz), HID Omnikey 5427 CK reader is a good match to answer most of yours and your customers RFID requirements.

ISLOG, SAMSUNG Innovation Week Partner

ISLOG participates to SAMSUNG Event in partnership with HID Global and developed a remote visitor identification system using their Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smart-phone.

This concept use virtual cards installed on the mobiles as well as HID iClass SE  NFC / Bluetooth readers.

Identification is done either in proximity using NFC, either at a distance o several meters using Bluetooth, visitor name is displayed on the screen.

Live this application by viewing the following video « Concept Store Samsung ».

Mobile RFID Encoding

Access card delivery  is a crucial stage of physical security system.
Operators can quickly change,  lack training on how to use tools at their disposal, or just being busy with tasks they consider most important for their initial work, this step must be fast and easy.
Secrets implemented at the time of personalization involve securing them effectively. New working methods and centralized management impose new requirements.

It is within these constraints that mobile RFID encoding makes sense.

Mobile encoding clients connected to an encoding server play only a passive role in the customization step: secrets remain on the server. In few seconds all previously authenticated NFC phone can become temporarily encoder of your business cards.

Mobile RFID encoding is today a reality on ISLOG products and this by default. A new DataWriter client for Android working with DataWriter Server has been published and freely available. Online demonstration and more information here.

European project Lead-Era

ISLOG participates actively in the European project Lead-Era contributing its RFID competences and innovative software development expertise to the seeking of an unified medical solution on the problem of patient dosimetry.