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Reader configuration

Security from end to end is our watchword, as we work closely with the manufacturers of access control readers. This allows us to integrate the creation and management of readers configuration directly maps into our encoding solution without disclosing the secret keys to a third party.

Badges programming

It’s in 2008, after Mifare Classic card was cracked that we decided to focus our developments to the MIFARE® DESFire® card. Since 7 years, year after year, we improve our badge encoding solution that is now one of the most complete and most versatile on the market. From the standalone version to the client / […]

NFC Smartphone

Always at the forefront of technology, we developed a reading tool / write information in DESFire cards on mobile Android. We currently have several R & D projects underway, some open source around the NFC and Android smartphones.


In collaboration with the company ISIC France, we have designed a solution to simplify the call for learners through their student badge. We have developed on Linux nano-computers an interface to connect any Wiegand reader to the computer network. We can read and write informations in the cards, but also manage readers’ LEDs and buzzers as […]

User identification

Whether for safety or traceability issue identification simple and user friendly way can seem complex. Specialized in contactless technologies for ten years, we have developed a set of tools for using RFID cards on Windows or Linux workstations directly through the IP network. We are thus able to use a contactless badge for: Open / […]

Login to a computer or an application

Our logical access solutions can identify a user on an Windows or Linux session or  at a business application: the need is not the same. In the first case we respond to a problem of “securing access to IT’ while in the 2nd case ” traceability “is at the heart of the problem. A “hands-free” […]

RFID Observatory

06 February

Security of industrial information systems, such as SCADA, ICS or GPAO, is a growing industrial challenge since the machine interconnectivity and the emergence of targeted attacks. These systems powerful in their profession, remains fragile. Their omnipresence in all industries such as production, food or energy has led states to consider this weakness as a national […]

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02 September

Easily encode RFID cards and NFC tags through your web browser or using your smartphone in a blink! Simply go to and start your secure MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 encoding right now. No installation required, any authorized workstation can become a card production unit in a few seconds. No delay; if you already have your […]

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18 August

The physical security industry has a long history of making do with proprietary systems. This has led to today’s challenges of dealing with incompatible legacy systems, wasted investments and great difficulties anticipating future security requirements. The Open Security Standard (OSS) Association strongly believes that the way forward, and the only way to guarantee on going […]

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